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Red Rag To a Bull

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Red Rag To A Bull is a radical institution dedicated to the pursuit of “FREEDOM, TRUTH and JUSTICE in the art world and BEYOND”. And also overblown statements. It was founded by a cartell of rich and powerful light industrialists in the depths of the bleak winter of 2009 when the world was on the brink of total financial collapse.

Damien Hirst sues 16yr old for using a picture of one of his pieces as part of a collage. Some terribly cool artist heroes, including Jimmy Cauty, Billy Childish and Jamie Reid, create limited edition prints to raise money for his defense fund.

I’m particualrly fond of this one by Chaka Dimas & PliersTee-hee


Written by Tony Kiernan

17 February 2009 at 9:02 pm

Dead Pool

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Bagsy Mohamed Al Fayed. Accidental, of course.

Written by Tony Kiernan

19 February 2008 at 5:07 pm

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So which party is Harvey Goldsmith bunging?

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All of them by the looks of it.

Interesting analysis of the Culture, Media and Sport select committee report into the secondary ticket market – or, touting as we all know it – over at The Register. Basically, if a proposed online subsidy for ticket sales comes into place, the punters will lose and the promoters will win. As it ever were.

Interestingly (despite the headline Artists ‘must benefit from touts’) the BBC emphasise the point that The MPs’ report calls for a voluntary industry code of conduct for reselling.

In general, I dislike touts. However, I have on occasion had to call upon them to get myself into gigs. A few of times I’ve paid nearly twice face value for tickets (usually when I’m kicking myself for not having got tickets for the second night). And, more often I’ve got into something at the last minute for less than face value (still the best way to see anyone at the Brixton Academy, IMO). And, we’ve all picked up tickets for something and then had to offload one when someone in the party Mics out for the gig. The one price has already been paid for one person to access that one event on the one date. You don’t go getting extra dosh cos some of us have feckless mates.

Do barbers really sell your hair to wig makers? If so, does it subsidise the prices we pay? Or is that a little something extra on top? And, does it matter. We have a parliament of almost exclusively free-marketeers. I just wish they’d remember that.

Written by Tony Kiernan

10 January 2008 at 4:46 pm

Onan The Barbarian

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[Via Fark]

Seminal bastion of the avant garde The Sun is carrying an article about church-types taking issue with Jordan McKenzie‘s current exhibition ‘Spent‘ which may or may not be a load of old wank.

Says he:

I hope people will come and see them – not judge them out of hand.

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10 January 2008 at 4:21 pm


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I have literally just broken a toe by curling them so violently.

Written by Tony Kiernan

10 October 2007 at 3:49 pm